Red Street
Red Example
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Red Street is one of the three residential streets found north of Cartown in Putt-Putt Joins the Parade. On the road leading to the houses, a pile of nails lay in Putt-Putt's path. If he tries to drive over them, his tires will pop and he will need to honk his horn in order for Chuck The Tow Truck to give him a lift back to Cartown Gas and Tires so he can replace his tires. Putt-Putt can clear the road of the nails by using the magnet. On the residential street, Putt-Putt can mow the residents' lawns and bring them groceries.

None of the residents of this street join the parade.


  1. Ms. Rearview Mirror
  2. Mr. Fenderbender
  3. Jacques
  4. Mr. Parts and Service


Red Road

Debug InformationEdit

Room Number 20


Red Street

Debug InformationEdit

Room Number 21

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