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Roll-Along Cassidy
Roll-Along Cassidy
Race Circus Train
Gender Male
Voice actor(s) Henry Dardenne
Game(s) Putt-Putt Joins the Circus

Roll-Along Cassidy (or Englebert Goodstock in the UK version) is a delivery train who brings the circus to many locations of Cartown.


Cassidy is an 0-6-0 streamlined steam locomotive with a red boiler, a blue cab, a grey cowcatcher, grey wheels, a blue chassis and brass fittings. He wears glasses and a red shako. His train cosists a blue flatcar and many hoppers for carrying sawdust.


Roll-Along Cassidy is encountered when a goat is blocking his path. When Putt-Putt gives the goat some grass and the goat eats the ticket, Cassidy will take Putt-Putt to the unfinished circus. He is never seen again after Putt-Putt restored the circus.

Trivia Edit

  • His shako is also his funnel.
  • Cassidy resembles a New York Central Dreyfuss J3A Hudson but with a smaller boiler and with an 0-6-0 wheel arrangement.