Rooftop Telescope

Rooftop Telescope is a mini-game in Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.

This is pure fun!  Move the viewing glasses with the four directional arrows and find the Pajama Man comic books.  The number counter indicates how many you're looking for.The books are scattered throughout the screen.  Some are hidden so look carefully.  When you see one click on it and it will float up with a flashing sunburst behind it and the number counter will decrease by one.

The lower left radar screen shows the location of the items you've found with green dots.  The box outline indicates what part of the screen you're looking at.  Use the arrows to move that box to the area you want to look at.

There are lots of extras here too.  Click everything you see because some of these click points are hilarious!

Click the arrow in the upper corner to return to the game.

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