S.S. Deadweight

The S.S. Deadweight is the ship docked in SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal". It hosts a party with Russian Blue. It is an invite only party.

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"Edit

To gain access to the deck party here, SPY Fox must give an invitation to the weasel doorman due to the party being invite only (which he can do by copying the Gilbert's invitation with the SPY Putty). After arriving here, SPY Fox will tell Monkey Penny, he is at the party and he will search around for clues.

In the White Water storyline, SPY Fox must get Sal, the sailor on duty to leave his post, so he may check the ship's map grid. After learning from Bea when Sal leaves work, SPY Fox must set the clock in the shift operating room to the time that Sal leaves work (some time after Happy Hour starts but how many minutes after varies) and hit the shift button to know the sounds that occur when Sal's shift is over. SPY Fox must then use his sailor hat as a sailor disguise to tell Sal he may leave now. After Sal leaves, SPY Fox is free to look at the ship's map grid. Also, SPY Fox must get the frog suit from the shift operating room so he may swim underwater in the location where the White Water is coming from.

In the Car Chase storyline, SPY Fox must get Walter Wireless into Russian Blue's purse so SPY Corp can track her whereabouts all over the island. To do so, SPY Fox must use a Tango Music Sheet he got from Johnny Gecko and place it in front of the conductor's music sheet while he is not looking so that he will play a tango instead of a waltz. This will put Russian Blue in a trance and she will forcibly join SPY Fox in a tango. While the dance is going on, SPY Fox must throw Walter into Russian Blue's purse before the dance ends. Once that is done, Russian Blue will leave with Walter and SPY Fox must leave the ship in order to continue the story.

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