Sahara Slim

Sahara Slim is a traveller from Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch. He is a suspect to whom could be Mr. Big, the mastermind behind the idea of hogfish rustling.

Rustling the HogfishEdit

Sahara Slim has a few clues that prove he is Mr. Big. Sometime before passing by him again, he is seen talking to telegram courier about "keeping them on ice" before he gets back. The telegrapher finishes, and hurries away. When Freddi and Luther enter the scene, he casually greets them. In the hogfish cell, the evidence to prove him is the said ice, in cubes, and a telegram telling the recipient to, as said, "keep them on ice until return". When questioned, Sahara Slim will deny, before Freddi and Luther say they knew he was secretly talking to the telegram courier about the ice, which are present. He then admits he is Mr. Big, and that he communicated to the rustlers via telegram to tell the rustlers to keep the hogfish on ice, which is to say keep them imprisoned, but it seemed that the rustlers did not get his expression.

In the event Sahara Slim is not Mr. Big, he will claim he is nothing more than a traveller, and the talk to the telegram courier is just one of his own businesses to keep a something he was transporting frozen, which does not involve the hogfish.