Race Seal
Gender Male
Occupation Juggler
Family Bobby (brother-in-law)
Squidgy (sister)
Sammy (niece)
Game(s) Putt-Putt Joins the Circus
Sebastian the juggling seal (also known as the "Seal of Excellence") is a character in Putt-Putt Joins the Circus. He is a performer in B.J. Sweeney's Big Top Circus and he's Sammy Seal's uncle.

Sebastian has been practicing juggling every day for his whole life. He originally learned to juggle with fishsticks, but then he switched to using juggling clubs so he wouldn't be tempted to eat the fishsticks. In the game, Sebastian can be seen juggling four clubs in two different patterns: a halfshower and a reverse fountain.

Sebastian normally uses four clubs in his act, but one of his clubs was misplaced when the circus arrived in Apple Valley. When Putt-Putt meets him, he is having trouble with his four object juggling because he is trying to use a ball (which is actually Honko the Clown's missing nose) in place of the fourth club. After Putt-Putt gets a juggling club from Marvin the Marvelous, he gives it to Sebastian so he can practice with matching props. Sebastian lets Putt-Putt have the ball, which he can then return to Honko.