Race Firetruck
Gender Male
Occupation Fire Chief
Pet(s) Dalmatian
Voice actor(s) Scott Burns (1992-1998)
Game(s) Putt-Putt Joins the Parade
Putt-Putt Enters the Race
Putt-Putt Joins the Circus (cameo)
Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise

Smokey (or Bernie in the UK dubs) is the Cartown Fire Chief. He can usually be found at the Cartown Fire Station.


In Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, Smokey is the organizer of the Cartown Pet Parade. He tells Putt-Putt what he needs to do to be able to participate in the parade. Since Putt-Putt needs to earn money to get a car wash and he doesn't have a lawnmower, Smokey lends Putt-Putt his lawnmower so he can mow lawns for money. After Putt-Putt gets all the necessaries for the parade, he will return to Smokey, who will tell him he is ready to join the parade and lets him have the honor of leading it.

In Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, Smokey makes a brief cameo in a photo in the album during the end credits.

In Putt-Putt Enters the Race, Putt-Putt calls 911 when he sees a shed on fire on Valley Road. Smokey arrives quickly and puts the fire out. Then he gives Putt-Putt a Jr. Fire Marshal Badge, as a reward for alerting him to an emergency. After Putt-Putt has earned his badge, Smokey allows him to borrow a ladder from the fire station, and Putt-Putt uses the ladder to rescue Mr. Fenderbender's cat, Bonzo the Cat

In Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise, Smokey has a Dalmatian that Pep goes to play with while Putt-Putt talks to Smokey or Ms. Widget. Sometimes Marvin's hat is at the fire station, and Pep has to herd all the bunnies that are running around at the fire station back into the hat. At the end of the game, Smokey supervises the lighting of the birthday candle.

In popular cultureEdit

In PeanutButterGamer's Putt-Putt videos, he constantly mentions that he thinks Smokey is creepy (likely because of the facial expressions). He goes into detail in one of his appearances in the second video, with him even getting to be the picture on the icon for the video. He then jokes after calling 911 in the game about how he needs to call 911 again, with a picture edited with Putt-Putt on the phone, and saying he believes he will be assaulted.