Terrific Tumble Tubes

The Terrific Tumble Tubes are the locations in Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.

This carnival ride was brought to town for the Founder's Day Festival!  It's just for fun but sometimes Freddi and Luther might find a Golden Pipe in here.

Click on the red start button and Luther will be pulled into the tube by a vacuum mechanism.  The vacuum will keep pulling Luther through three of the nine tubes until he pops out at the other end.  It's a wild ride and you never know which tubes he'll go through, that is unless you figure out the levers! 

There are three levers near the tubes with three positions each.  Each position is randomly mapped to a particular tube when you start the game.  Keep clicking on the levers to change the tubes Luther travels through.  The button with arrows on it will make Luther go through the tubes twice before he's spit out!

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