The Time Machine

The Time Portal is an invention location in Putt-Putt Travels Through Time.


The Time Portal was invented by Mr. Firebird. It was design to show the past and future without having to actually travel there. But it can only be activated by a 5 cent coin. Putt Putt gives Mr. Firebird his coin in order to activate the machine. Unfortunately, the Time Portal malfunctioned and sucked in Putt Putt's lunchbox,calculator, history report, and his dog Pep. Mr. Firebird can't close the portal until Putt Putt gets all his things back. When Putt Putt goes into the Time Portal, he sees several time periods which are the age of the dinosaurs, medieval times, the old west, and the future.

After retrieving all of his things, Putt Putt makes it back to the present. Mr. Firebird is then able to close the Time Portal for good.  


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