Tobias T. Train
Tobias t train by nimbusgames-d6fkk60
Race Train
Gender Male
Occupation Engineer / Conductor
Voice actor(s) Jim Bach
Location Old West
Game(s) Putt-Putt Travels Through Time

Tobias T. Train (also known as Toby) is a steam locomotive that Putt-Putt meets in the Old West version of Cartown.

Appearance Edit

Toby is a 4-2-0 steam locomotive with a red cab, grey funnel, red cowcatcher, red wheels, and red fittings. He also wears a blue engineer’s cap. His train consists of a brown flatcar and a red caboose.

History Edit

Putt-Putt first meets Toby at the Train Station. Toby asks Putt-Putt if he would like to be his official junior conductor, and he agrees. After giving him oil and either water or firewood, he can take Putt-Putt to different places in the Wild West.

Trivia Edit

  • Tobias T. Train’s short name, Toby, is most likely a reference to Toby the Tram Engine from Thomas and Friends.

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