Tucker's Songs

Tucker's Songs are a group of songs by Tucker Turtle in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse.


Song 1Edit

Well, my name is Tucker Turtle and I'm here to say
Some of us were just born this way
I don't know why you look like you do
But that's okay, somebody has to

Song 2Edit

There are things that I do to make the time fly
This I tell you, it is no lie
I like to read and swim real fast
And when I do both, I have a blast

Song 3Edit

I like to swim around in the deep blue sea
I'll race anyone, you'll never catch me
If I lived on land I'd outrun some rabbit
I'll outswim any fish 'cause winning's my habit

Song 4Edit

Well I've got a little riddle and it's here for you:
Why did the surfer ride the ocean blue?
To catch a big wave and to hang some fin
And when he wiped out, he did it again

Song 5Edit

If you come looking for me I'll be here in my shell
Just knock on my back or give out a yell
I like to hang out with big kids and tots
So stop when you spot my purple spots

Song 6Edit

I used to have lots of things but my shell got crowded
It was too heavy to swim, so one day I shouted
"Get rid of this stuff, it's weighing me down!"
Now I love to spin and flip, and act like a clown


Freddi Fish 2 Music Tucker's Songs01:36

Freddi Fish 2 Music Tucker's Songs

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