Uncle Blenny
Uncle Blenny
Race Fish
Gender Male
Occupation Keeper of the Conch
Family Luther (nephew)
Pet(s) Old Soggy
Voice actor(s) Ken Boynton
Game(s) Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

Uncle Blenny is one of the main characters in Freddi Fish 3. He owns a dogfish named Old Soggy. He is Luther's uncle, but it is never mentioned whether he is the brother of Luther's father or mother or if he was ever married to either parent's sister.


In JailEdit

When Uncle Blenny is in jail, he is sad that the festival won't start without the Great Conch Shell. He is blamed for it because he is the grand, exalted keeper of the Conch. The pieces are scattered by a random thief. You must find all of them to get the Great Conch.

After Getting the First PipeEdit

Uncle Blenny feels sad that the Great Conch Festival will cancel when the Great Conch is incomplete.

After finding all three pipesEdit

Uncle Blenny sends his pet Old Soggy to chase after the thief who stole the Great Conch Shell. Freddi and Luther had to go to a Mayan Pyramid to go after the thief. Luther accidentically steals the Gem, which locked the entrance to the Mayan Pyramid.

Uncle Blenny's FaultEdit

A crowd of sea creatures got angry until Freddi and Luther stop them, proving that Uncle Blenny is innocent. When Freddi gets a different item in the Conch Shell Thief's bag, give it to the item where it belongs. (For example: If the item is cane, give it to Gill Barker the Shark.)

After defeating the thiefEdit

After Freddi gives the item to the thief, the thief gives the Great Conch Shell to Uncle Blenny, proving that he/she is so sorry for that. The other fish and sea creatures apologize to Uncle Blenny for blaming him. He forgives them and, upon his nephew's encouragement, blows the conch, starting the festival.