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Gender Female
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

"I wanna go home!"

Velocimomometer, or Velo, is the missing part Sam must find in order to fix the wind machine. She has a timid, childlike personality.

Finding VeloEdit

Velo can be found in one of two places:

  • In the basement of the warehouse.
    • Arrange the column of boxes in ascending order by controlling them in a room upon riding the elevator.
  • In the locked bathroom.
    • Get the key from the conference room. Just answer the questions, until reaching the last question wherein you need the carrot (from the Snowman) to answer it, then you can get the key after courses of actions.


There are two locations to look for Velo; locked in the bathroom thus needing the key for it, or in the basement after passing the hail room.


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