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This is the walk-through of SPY Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required".

The AlpsEdit

  • Deposit the pill in the water.
  • Exit the cabin.
  • Go straight down.
  • Through the net.

World Fair Part #1 (Get to LeRoach)Edit

  • Exit the Command Centre (CC)
  • Head left
  • Try to enter the Service Entrance
  • You need to get a photo ID
  • Head left to the photo booth
  • Click the booth
  • Choose the costume you need (ie. the secrurity guard will tell you what you need to be, eg. waitress, chef)
  • You don't need a background
  • Take the picture
  • Leave the booth
  • Head back to CC
  • Click the ID Maker on the right side
  • Choose your name, the job that is required by the security guard and enter the photo you took at the booth
  • Take your ID
  • Exit the CC
  • Head back to the security guard and show him your ID
  • Enter the Service Entrance
  • Go left
  • Click on LeRouche
  • Watch the cinematic
  • Click the cog panel inside the dog mouth
  • Fix the cogs
  • Go down
  • Answer the Spy Watch

World Fair #2 (Find Dotty Dash)Edit

  • Head left
  • Left again
  • Try and enter Wee World
  • Try and click the keys
  • Ask the guard about LeRoach
  • Go right
  • Enter the Ice Rink (right)
  • Click the roses
  • Leave
  • Go down
  • Go left into the tent with the bear
  • Click the trophy behind the bear
  • Ask the bear about the Triple-Greasy-Axel Ice Skating Move
  • Exit
  • Leave the fair and get a stamp from the chicken
  • Go right to CC
  • Enter the CC
  • Listen to the bug and watch the scene
  • Click the vending machine
  • Get the Spy Heat, Spy Skates and Spy Key Repucator Kit gadgets for now
  • Exit CC
  • Return to the World Fair
  • Enter the Ice Rink again
  • Get the Spy Skates gadget
  • Enter the Triple-Greasy-Axel Ice Skating Move into the skates
  • Exit the Ice Rink
  • Head to the large hall
  • Use the Spy Heat on the Theomomator
  • Enter the wax figure hall
  • Click on the duck/chef
  • Exit the hall
  • Return to Wee World
  • Get the Spy Key Set out and click the keys
  • Head right
  • Go down
  • Leave the fair
  • Enter the serive entrance
  • Put the chef costume on
  • Click the cow
  • Get your Key Set out and click the oven
  • Leave the kitchen and head back to Wee World
  • Click your key on the door and head inside
  • Go down to the small exzibit
  • Send Walter into the small world to find the fish
  • Jump in the boat and pull the lever
  • Enter the house
  • Click the three bottom buttons to make the Tv disappear, the stairs decend and the lift go up
  • Go up the stairs
  • Click the two buttons to push the fridge back an open the door
  • Head onto the lift
  • Click the first button once, the second button once and the third button twice
  • Go across
  • Go down
  • Click the button and go right
  • Talk to Dotty Dash

World Fair #3 (Getting the Plant and Off Switch)Edit

  • Exit Wee World
  • Go left
  • Go up
  • Go left and enter Plant World
  • Click the ladybug
  • Exit Plant World
  • Go up
  • Answer the Spy Watch
  • Go right to Food of the Future
  • Click on the candy apple
  • Exit left
  • Go up
  • Click on the sheep
  • We'll come back here later, exit
  • Go left
  • Click the fish
  • Go up
  • Click on the telescope
  • Exit and go down
  • Go left of plantworld to be at the bottom of the dogbot
  • Pick up the rose coloured glasses
  • Go back ro plantworld 
  • Put the leaf under the magnifier
  • Give the rose to the ladybug
  • Enter the code you were given on the lock with the plant
  • Take the plant with the off switch
  • Leave plantworld
  • Head right then back to the telescope
  • Put on your rose glasses
  • Look through the telescope
  • Find out the food you have to eat

World Fair Part #4 (Getting into the Dog Bot) Edit

  • Head to the Kitchen
  • Give the food talk balloon to the cook
  • Take the food to the clone sheep
  • Give the sheep the food and they will clone it for you, making two
  • Take the food back to the Kitchen
  • Give the two food to the cook and take what she cooks you
  • Return to the DogBot
  • Click the control panel and Spy Fox will enter the dogbot foot
  • Click the boots to go up and press the yellow button
  • Go left
  • Click the goggles
  • Exit and return to CC
  • Collect the Termite Grenade, the Alarm Deactivator, the Fingerprint Kit and the Stealth Vac
  • Return to the dogbot foot and the room with the welder and goggles
  • Enter the room to the left
  • Flick the switch UP to fast
  • Go back down and grab the glasses
  • Exit and return the clear goggles to the Capped Cod
  • Take the dark goggles from him
  • Return to the dogbot and enter the room on the right with the shining light
  • Enter the room to the top. Place the plant with the others.
  • Return to the main room and press the yellow button again.
  • The plant will drop the off switch. Go and get it.

World Fair #5 (Get to LeRoach)Edit

  • Back at the main room, head up
  • Click the handprint recogniser
  • Head to the Kitchen and use the fingerprint kit on the food
  • Return to the dogbot and the upstairs room
  • Use LeRoache's fingerprints on the scanner
  • Enter the room
  • Place the off switch on the panel
  • Enter the secret code into the panel
  • Watch the cinematic.

Secret Ending Edit

To get this secret ending you need to follow each and every step. If you don't, it won't happen.

  • Enter the rooms below the stairs
  • Continue left until you find a contraption with a pink button
  • Press the button twice to move the pink pipe out of the way and put the blue one there instead, leading to Spy Jail
  • Go up a room and collect the hammer
  • Go back to the right to the wrench and break the glass with the hammer
  • Return to where you got the hammer and use the wrench on the metal part beneath LeRoach
  • Go back up to end up behind LeRoach and pull the lever

Congratualions. You beat the game and got the secret ending.

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