Weasel Doorman

Weasel Doorman is one of the characters in SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal".

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal" Edit

In all versions of the storyline, the Weasel Doorman is shown standing outside in front of the S.S. Deadweight to greet partygoers to the Deck Party. When SPY Fox tries to go on board, the doorman tells him that only people who have an invitation can go to the Deck Party and subsequently tells SPY Fox to get lost after SPY Fox reveals he has no invitation to the Deck Party.

After Spy Fox uses the SPY Putty to copy Gilbert's invitation, he returns to the S.S. Deadweight and shows his invitation to the Doorman. After getting over a quick shock and reading the invitation carefully, the doorman He welcomes Spy Fox on board and allows him to go to the Deck Party whenever he pleases.

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