Weather Board

Weather Board is a mini-game in Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.

When you click on the computer icon in the inventory you'll see several buttons.  One of them is the Fun button.  When you click on this button you'll be ported to the Weather Board mini-game.  To play, choose your game pieces and click on the spinner.  Move one game piece to the color indicated by the spinner and wait for the computer to take its turn.  The object is to get all your pieces into the matching weather picture 

in the middle of the board.  For instance, if you pick the umbrellas you want to get them around the board to the rain picture.  

It may be easier to note the color arrow you begin on.  Then you'll know where you need to go by looking at the color of the circle under the weather pictures in the middle of the board.  If you start on the yellow arrow, you finish on the yellow circle.

Watch out for the other game pieces!  When they move onto a square where your piece is sitting they'll bump your piece right off the board and you'll have to start that piece all over again!  But, if you land on a square where one of your pieces is sitting that piece will move ahead one square.

When you're done playing click the arrow in the upper corner.  If you haven't finished the game Sam will appear and ask you if you're sure you want to leave.  Click Yes to exit and No to remain in the game.

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