Wooden Board

The Wooden Board is an item that is found  in Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds and in Pajama Sam in No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside .

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp SeedsEdit

Freddi Fish and Luther will need the wooden board in order to save Gabby as the rock that's trapped him down is too heavy for the duo to budge. The duo can find the wooden board below the docks where Fiddler Crab is trapped. After Freddi and Luther get the board, they can go to where Gabby is and use the board to pry the rock on top of Gabby off of him. This will save him and reunite him with his mother. Gabby's mother will then give the duo a purple sea urchin as a reward for saving her son. This is optional unless the bottle is at the volcano and the player has difficulties finding four Purple Sea Urchins for the volcano's gate.

Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"Edit

Pajama Sam will need the wooden board in order to convince Otto that wood floats as he is afraid he will sink if he goes in the water. Sam will see a wooden board in the river when he first arrives to the Land of Darkness, but it is too far away for him to reach. In order to get it, Sam will need to use the rope he got from Ms. Tree to get it. He gets the board, but sadly loses the rope. Sam would then need to use the wooden board to show Otto that wood floats and that he doesn't have to worry about sinking. After Otto and Sam are about to ride across the lake, the wooden board will ironically sink.