Worm cracker

Chocolate-Covered Worm Doodle as it appears in Freddi Fish 2.

A Chocolate-Covered Worm Doodle is an item in the Freddi Fish series, first appearing in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse. It's the favorite meal of Luther and Freddi finds them delicious as well.


Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseEdit

Freddi and Luther will need the chocolate-covered worm doodle if they need to get the life preserver for their trap. The worm doodle is in the location that is to the right of the ruins where the trident is, however it is on a fishing hook, meaning that Freddi and Luther will need to find a way to remove the worm doodle from the hook without getting caught onto the hook. Freddi and Luther will need to use the scissors in order to cut the line and get the worm doodle. They must then feed the worm doodle to Eddie the Eel so his hunger is satisified. Once that's done, Eddie will get a sugar rush and bounce away, allowing Freddi and Luther to get the life preserver without any trouble.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze MadnessEdit

The worm doodles reappear here as power-ups. Eating them gives Freddi a sugar rush allowing her to swim really fast. However, the effect only lasts for a short amount of time.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Water WorriesEdit

In this game Luther needs to grab a few worm doodles in order to complete a level.

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