Xamfear's Deed

Xamfear's Deed is an item found in Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. It is proof to show Freddi, Luther and the townsfolk that Coral Cove Park rightfully belongs to Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine. However, when Marty Sardini took over the place, he stole the deed so that way his plans will not fail. But Freddi and Luther manage to infiltrate his home and get the combination out of the fake book so they can retrieve the deed and clear Xamfear's name. In doing so, exposing Marty's scheme to the townsfolk and arresting him for his treachery. In the happy ending, Xamfear then allows the townsfolk to play in the park, causing them to cheer and clap as Freddi and Luther swim out to enjoy their victory.

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