Race Pipe
Gender Male
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

"It's me, the Y-pipe. Why do you ask?"

The Y-Pipe is a piece of the rain machine whom Pajama Sam must find him in order to help fix the weather. It is shown that the Y-Pipe asks many questions that starts with why for example, after Pajama Sam finds the Y-Pipe, the Y-Pipe asks questions such as why Sam is wearing his cape, or why he wants to be a super hero all the way to why Sam wants to be what he so.

The Y-pipe can be found in the snack machine in the break room, or a locker near the wind machine.

The Y-Pipe is responsible for mixing the Hydrogen and Oxygen together to make rain.

Helping Y-PipeEdit

These are the steps to help the Y-pipe.

  • If Y-pipe is in the vending machine in the kitchen:

Sam will need to get 2 coins to try and purchase it out of the machine. After sam has gotten Y-pipe loose he needs to open a can of earthquake and place it on the machine. The Y-Pipe should be free.

  • If Y-Pipe is stuck in the locker:

Sam needs to locate the locker and get the code from George Someone's office.


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