Race Hippopotamus
Gender Male
Family Mr. Hippo (Pop)
Voice actor(s) Alexander Johnston
Game(s) Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo

Zanzibar is a baby hippopotamus and one of the six missing baby animals. Surprisingly, he doesn't appear to have a mother, making him the only animal without one. His name comes from Zanzibar, a region in Tanzania.


Before the opening of the Cartown Zoo, Zanzibar went missing. Putt-Putt finds him in Arcticland stuck on an iceberg. After directing the nearby penguins to arrange the icebergs and form a bridge, Zanzibar, determined to make his pop proud, starts walking, only to slip through the bridge and crash into the ice wall, however he manages to survive the crash.

Zanzibar, after recovering from the crash, then climbs up and thanks Putt-Putt for helping him before returning to his home in Jungleland.


Zanzibar is a baby hippopotamus with grey, rubbery skin.

Talents: He is a very extreme and daredevil hippopotamus in the circus. He loves to perform stunts on his jet pack and helmet. He even wears goggles for his act.


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