Zoo Hub
Zoo Hub
Vital statistics
Zoo Hub

The Zoo Hub is at the very center of the Cartown Zoo. It is the entrance to Arcticland, the Grasslands, and Jungle Land.


The hub features a single pathway leading from the zoo lobby to the Grasslands. Two bridges branch from the center of the pathway leading to Arcticland on the left and Jungle Land on the right. Above each entrance is a giant sign displaying the name of that particular location. The arch over Arcticland is made out of giant blocks of ice covered in snow. The arch to Jungle Land is made out of the surrounding trees. Two waterfalls are seen on either side of the path. The left waterfall's source is from the polar bear exhibit and the right waterfall's source is located somewhere in Jungle Land. Each stream made by the falls returns to its respected location.

Putt-Putt Saves the ZooEdit

Putt-Putt arrives here after he goes past the Zoo Lobby. Since Putt-Putt needs to save all the animals, he can go into any of the lands in whatever order he wishes.

Debug InformationEdit

Room Number 12

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